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To ensure the best possible outcome please note the following:-

The grain direction on all covers must run from top to bottom of book.
Trims on covers must exceed those on the text by 1 mm at the head and 3mm at the tail.
Covers over 300 gsm may have to be supplied scored.
6 and 8pp covers must be supplied scored for the flaps
The inside spine and hinge area must be kept clear of all inks, seals and varnishes etc.

For best results the grain should run from top to bottom of book.
All flat sheets must be clearly marked with the side lay and grip edge.
Sections for thread sewing must have a LOW Folio LIP of at least 10mm. This is not required for any other type of binding. Any 4pp sections in a sewn book must tip at the front or back of the book or wrap another section. 4pp and 2pp sections should not be at the front or back of a PUR, Perfect or Burst Bound book.
If you supply folded sections they must be neatly stacked on pallets with the highest folio facing up.

Specific Binding Requirments
Sewn work must not be perforated on spine.
Burst bound sections must have the burst binding slot inserted during folding.
Perforations in the heads of sections must be secure and not subject to splitting during production.
Sections for PUR and Perfect bound books should not be perforated on spine. If it cannot be avoided only use a small perforator and ensure it will not split during production.
No folded section can be more that 305mm wide from spine to foredge.
Maximum trim from the foredge and tail of a folded section is 25mm.
All sections for a job should be the same size when folded.

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